Giving Back

We here at Romantic Reels Media are SO THANKFUL that we get to be a part of so many lives in such a cool way. We get to capture one of the most memorable days of your lives. And we get to do that through a medium that will last even after we are gone.

Well, every year we like to give back, to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to be in such a cool profession and impact so many lives.

It wasn’t too long ago that one of our past brides, Mariah, called us up and told us the remarkable story of what her work, Texas Roadhouse, was doing with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).
We were so compelled by Mariah’s story that we decided to get in touch with her and the MDA to put this wonderful little piece together.

Please visit to learn more about the organization and how you can help in their research.
And, also, visit the Texas Roadhouse out in Olathe, KS off 119th Street and Strang Line Road. You’ll be guaranteed great food and amazing people!

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