Babies! We shoot more than weddings and engagements.

This is a different post from normal.  You would think with ROMANTIC REELS Media, we would be all about couples.  Even though couples are very much who we capture and tell the stories of, we all know the story never ends with just couples.

As important and as weighty as the days we clasp in hands of marriage, opening new chapters in the amazing ride of life, when bringing NEW LIFE to this ride, it can be just as glorious, wondrous, and beautiful.

I hold this session quite close to my heart being that this is actually my niece.  🙂

Yes, little Ellie is my neice….well, soon-to-be-technically.  I’m getting married this year too!

She was SO DARLING today!  Funniest part, once we got her in the poses and set ups to snap some pics, she would lay still and just let us shoot away.  Ellie was making her photog uncle proud!   She’ll definitely fit in, in this family!  I can not wait to capture her life story through the years.

Nicholaus James/Owner at Romantic Reels Media

Enjoy the beginning chapters here:





One thought on “Babies! We shoot more than weddings and engagements.

  1. Adorable…..what else can I say. I bet you’re a happy camper….and a happier UNCLE.
    Thank you sooooooo much for sharing…..Love Gramma/GG
    PS Tell Kenzie for me….that I know she’s happy to be a “cousin” as well.

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