NE = Nebraska = Nate + Erin

Ah!  We LOVE it when we get to travel!

Getting the wonderful opportunity not just to attract couples far from our own front porch here in Kansas City, but to experience their world with fresh new perspective from us, is always a BLAST!

We felt like we connected with Nate + Erin right away when we first met.  With their light-hearted playful and relaxed demeanor and their passion to express themselves artistically, we felt very much at home with this couple.

From goofing off and playing around in the Gene Leahy Mall, to strolling the shops and restaurants around the Old Market, we were able to see Nate + Erin’s love thrive.

We are so stoked to capture their winter wonderland wedding at The Elms, in Excelsior Springs, this coming January!

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Nate + Erin Blog Finals-15 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-1 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-2 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-3 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-4 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-5 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-6 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-7

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-9 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-8

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-83 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-12

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-10 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-11  Nate + Erin Blog Finals-13 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-14 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-16 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-17 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-18 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-19 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-20 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-22 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-21 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-23 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-24 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-25

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-21 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-26 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-27 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-28 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-29

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-82 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-30 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-31 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-32 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-33 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-34 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-35 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-36 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-37 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-38 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-39 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-40 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-42 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-41 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-43 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-44 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-45 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-46 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-47 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-48 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-49 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-50 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-51 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-52 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-53 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-54 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-55 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-56 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-57

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-84 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-58 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-62 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-59 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-60 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-63 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-64 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-65 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-66 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-67

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-85 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-68 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-69 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-70 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-71

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-86 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-72 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-73 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-74 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-75 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-76

Nate + Erin Blog Finals-1-2 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-1-3 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-78 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-79 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-80 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-81 Nate + Erin Blog Finals-87

2014 Has Kicked Off with a BANG! with Justin + Megan

Wow!  What another FUN FUN year for us!  Stay tuned, as we are in the middle of season, LOTS of stories will start coming down the pipeline.

One of our first weddings of season just gave us a taste of what was to come!

Justin + Megan were just an awesome couple that were just so welcoming with the Romantic Reels team into the day.  And, as you’ll see through their story, their bridal party, friends, and family knew how to celebrate a great time of these two coming together in marriage!

Enjoy looking at their Spring wedding story unfold below!

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Justin + Megan BLOG-1

Justin + Megan BLOG-2

Justin + Megan BLOG-3

Justin + Megan BLOG-4

Justin + Megan BLOG-5

Justin + Megan BLOG-6

Justin + Megan BLOG-7

Justin + Megan BLOG-8

Justin + Megan BLOG-9

Justin + Megan BLOG-10

Justin + Megan BLOG-11

Justin + Megan BLOG-12

Justin + Megan BLOG-13

Justin + Megan BLOG-14

Justin + Megan BLOG-15

Justin + Megan BLOG-16

Justin + Megan BLOG-17

Justin + Megan BLOG-19

Justin + Megan BLOG-20

Justin + Megan BLOG-21

Justin + Megan BLOG-22

Justin + Megan BLOG-23

Justin + Megan BLOG-24

Justin + Megan BLOG-25

Justin + Megan BLOG-26

Justin + Megan BLOG-28

Justin + Megan BLOG-27

Justin + Megan BLOG-30

Justin + Megan BLOG-18

Justin + Megan BLOG-32

Justin + Megan BLOG-33

Justin + Megan BLOG-31

Justin + Megan BLOG-149

Justin + Megan BLOG-35

Justin + Megan BLOG-36

Justin + Megan BLOG-37

Justin + Megan BLOG-38

Justin + Megan BLOG-39

Justin + Megan BLOG-40

Justin + Megan BLOG-41

Justin + Megan BLOG-42

Justin + Megan BLOG-43

Justin + Megan BLOG-44

Justin + Megan BLOG-45

Justin + Megan BLOG-48

Justin + Megan BLOG-148

Justin + Megan BLOG-29

Justin + Megan BLOG-46

Justin + Megan BLOG-47

Justin + Megan BLOG-49

Justin + Megan BLOG-50

Justin + Megan BLOG-52

Justin + Megan BLOG-51


Justin + Megan BLOG-53

Justin + Megan BLOG-54

Justin + Megan BLOG-56

Justin + Megan BLOG-57

Justin + Megan BLOG-58

Justin + Megan BLOG-59

Justin + Megan BLOG-60

Justin + Megan BLOG-61

Justin + Megan BLOG-62

Justin + Megan BLOG-63

Justin + Megan BLOG-64

Justin + Megan BLOG-65

Justin + Megan BLOG-66

Justin + Megan BLOG-67

Justin + Megan BLOG-68

Justin + Megan BLOG-69

Justin + Megan BLOG-70

Justin + Megan BLOG-76

Justin + Megan BLOG-77

Justin + Megan BLOG-74

Justin + Megan BLOG-1-2

Justin + Megan BLOG-79

Justin + Megan BLOG-72

Justin + Megan BLOG-86

Justin + Megan BLOG-87

Justin + Megan BLOG-88

Justin + Megan BLOG-81

Justin + Megan BLOG-82

Justin + Megan BLOG-83

Justin + Megan BLOG-84

Justin + Megan BLOG-89

Justin + Megan BLOG-90

Justin + Megan BLOG-91

Justin + Megan BLOG-85

Justin + Megan BLOG-73

Justin + Megan BLOG-75

Justin + Megan BLOG-94

Justin + Megan BLOG-97

Justin + Megan BLOG-98

Justin + Megan BLOG-100

Justin + Megan BLOG-99

Justin + Megan BLOG-92

Justin + Megan BLOG-96

Justin + Megan BLOG-95

Justin + Megan BLOG-93

Justin + Megan BLOG-101

Justin + Megan BLOG-102

Justin + Megan BLOG-103

Justin + Megan BLOG-104

Justin + Megan BLOG-55

Justin + Megan BLOG-114


Justin + Megan BLOG-144

Justin + Megan BLOG-150

Justin + Megan BLOG-107

Justin + Megan BLOG-108

Justin + Megan BLOG-110

Justin + Megan BLOG-105

Justin + Megan BLOG-106

Justin + Megan BLOG-117

Justin + Megan BLOG-116

Justin + Megan BLOG-118

Justin + Megan BLOG-119

Justin + Megan BLOG-120

Justin + Megan BLOG-122

Justin + Megan BLOG-123

Justin + Megan BLOG-121

Justin + Megan BLOG-126

Justin + Megan BLOG-109

Justin + Megan BLOG-131

Justin + Megan BLOG-111

Justin + Megan BLOG-124

Justin + Megan BLOG-112

Justin + Megan BLOG-133

Justin + Megan BLOG-2-2

Justin + Megan BLOG-113

Justin + Megan BLOG-127

Justin + Megan BLOG-129

Justin + Megan BLOG-136

Justin + Megan BLOG-137

Justin + Megan BLOG-132

Justin + Megan BLOG-3-2

Justin + Megan BLOG-134

Justin + Megan BLOG-140

Justin + Megan BLOG-138

Justin + Megan BLOG-139

Justin + Megan BLOG-145

Justin + Megan BLOG-146

Justin + Megan BLOG-147

Justin + Megan BLOG-141

Justin + Megan BLOG-142

Justin + Megan BLOG-143


Time Apart, Distance, Even Death Only Grows Their Love Stronger

There is so much to say about this sweet sweet couple.
Jack + Emily embody such a colorful spectrum through their lives.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. That is pretty much understood.

But knowing true love is seeing it thrive despite hardships that are thrown at it in our lives.
Distance, time, and even a parent’s passing are hurdles that these two have had to endure. Yet, through it all, you can see in EVERY moment of this film, their love grows only stronger and stronger.

Jack + Emily’s love is the gasoline to the fire we all desire to burn in our own lives. Enjoy watching the light their blaze possesses!

We also had the awesome opportunity to capture their “Love Story,” which you can view here.

Dan + Rachel Wedding Trailer

It really has been a treat for the Romantic Reels Media team to be a part of Dan + Rachel’s marriage.

We’ve had the awesome opportunity to capture their E-session with Rachel’s unique request of having it in an “Enchanted Forest.”
You can see those images here: Enchanted Forest E-session

Then, we had the honor to capture the moments of their Big Day here: Dan + Rachel Wedding Day

Well, the story doesn’t end between RRM and these two sweethearts. We are now proud to unveil their wedding trailer that fully encompasses what their wedding day was like.

It’s always a pleasure and a huge honor for the team here at Romantic Reels Media to capture every aspect of our couples’ wedding day.

Enjoy the cinema element of Dan + Rachel!

A House Divided, Yet Two Lives United

Ah, Kyle + Meghan. Such a fun and vibrant couple!

When they say, “opposites attract,” these two are no exception!
Kyle is known to be a practical joker and of a more childlike disposition, while Meghan tends to be more reserved and of a more serious tone.

To add to the polarity, Kyle is a MU alum while Meghan hails from KU.
Watch closely as the two hold steadfast in their alma mater allegiances, and watch Kyle pull a hilarious prank on his new wife.

Despite their vast differences, they compliment each other so well. Their love for each other locks together perfectly and you see that in every moment of the film.


Chris + Kayla

With everyone feeling the cabin-fever to the winter woes, we want to help reminisce in warmer times!
Enjoy this fun-filled day that we were able to capture of Chris + Kayla.
Their pastor had some profound wisdom that was bestowed upon them that all us that are married, and even those who are not, can take to heart in having a long and life-fulfilled relationship with a spouse.


Andy + Ashley

Brrrr, is it cold out there!
While we sit inside cozy in our homes, take a look at our latest wedding story back when the weather was a little more pleasant.
Set in beautiful Jayhawk land, Andy + Ashley’s relationship shows that these two quirky and loveable people center their relationship around the warmth of friends and family.

Enjoy watching Andy + Ashley as they become husband and wife.

Richard + Jessica

As avid Jayhawk fans ourselves, it was a real treat to spend the day with two beautiful Jayhawkers that have spent their lives working hard to accomplish their individual goals; before realizing the future goals that would be achieved together. Set at the beautifully rustic Circle S Ranch in Lawrence, KS; which almost seems like an extension of where they were born and raised, they expressed their vows to one another surrounded by family and friends.

Enjoy reliving their day with the trailer below!

Luke + Kristin E-session

It’s crazy to believe just a few weeks ago we had a gorgeous Fall setting. Kansas City was adorned in vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows.
We had a wonderful opportunity to capture Luke + Kristin on one of the last weekends in the beautiful Autumn landscape.

Despite it being as windy as it was, we were able to capture the affection they so deeply had for each other.
Starting out in their neighborhood, Quality Hill, and concluding their session where they first met, The Well in Waldo, it was a lot of fun to learn about these two.
We’re excited to capture their wedding day next August!

(please click on images to view in full screen)

Luke + Kristin Esession-1
Luke + Kristin Esession-2
Luke + Kristin Esession-3
Luke + Kristin Esession-4
Luke + Kristin Esession-5
Luke + Kristin Esession-6
Luke + Kristin Esession-7
Luke + Kristin Esession-8
Luke + Kristin Esession-9
Luke + Kristin Esession-10
Luke + Kristin Esession-11
Luke + Kristin Esession-12
Luke + Kristin Esession-13
Luke + Kristin Esession-14
Luke + Kristin Esession-15
Luke + Kristin Esession-16
Luke + Kristin Esession-17
Luke + Kristin Esession-18
Luke + Kristin Esession-19
Luke + Kristin Esession-20
Luke + Kristin Esession-21
Luke + Kristin Esession-22
Luke + Kristin Esession-23
Luke + Kristin Esession-24
Luke + Kristin Esession-25
Luke + Kristin Esession-26
Luke + Kristin Esession-27
Luke + Kristin Esession-28
Luke + Kristin Esession-29
Luke + Kristin Esession-30
Luke + Kristin Esession-31
Luke + Kristin Esession-32
Luke + Kristin Esession-33
Luke + Kristin Esession-34
Luke + Kristin Esession-35
Luke + Kristin Esession-36
Luke + Kristin Esession-37
Luke + Kristin Esession-38
Luke + Kristin Esession-39
Luke + Kristin Esession-40
Luke + Kristin Esession-41
Luke + Kristin Esession-42
Luke + Kristin Esession-43
Luke + Kristin Esession-44
Luke + Kristin Esession-45
Luke + Kristin Esession-46
Luke + Kristin Esession-47
Luke + Kristin Esession-48
Luke + Kristin Esession-49
Luke + Kristin Esession-50
Luke + Kristin Esession-51
Luke + Kristin Esession-52
Luke + Kristin Esession-53
Luke + Kristin Esession-54
Luke + Kristin Esession-55
Luke + Kristin Esession-56
Luke + Kristin Esession-57

Dan + Rachel

We love when there are places that are special to our couples. To capture them on their wedding day at these special spots makes the story that much richer.  Dan saw his beautiful bride in the exact same spot where he proposed to her: in the garden of their church.  It’s always special when things come full circle.

Dan + Rachel also had us film their wedding too, so keep a look out for their cinema trailer here shortly!

You can also check out their engagement session here: Dan + Rachel E-Session

Enjoy walking through their day with the images below!

(please click on image to enlarge)

RACHEL + DAN-1 copy
RACHEL + DAN-5 copyRACHEL + DAN-4 copyRACHEL + DAN-2 copy RACHEL + DAN-3 copy RACHEL + DAN-6 copy RACHEL + DAN-7 copy RACHEL + DAN-8 copy RACHEL + DAN-9 copy RACHEL + DAN-10 copy RACHEL + DAN-11 copy RACHEL + DAN-12 copy RACHEL + DAN-13 copy RACHEL + DAN-14 copy RACHEL + DAN-16 copy RACHEL + DAN-17 copy RACHEL + DAN-25 copy RACHEL + DAN-26 copy
RACHEL + DAN-18 copy RACHEL + DAN-19 copy RACHEL + DAN-20 copy RACHEL + DAN-22 copy
RACHEL + DAN-21 copy
RACHEL + DAN-23 copy
RACHEL + DAN-30 copy
RACHEL + DAN-31 copy
RACHEL + DAN-32 copy
RACHEL + DAN-33 copy
RACHEL + DAN-34 copy
RACHEL + DAN-35 copy
RACHEL + DAN-36 copy
RACHEL + DAN-37 copy
RACHEL + DAN-38 copy
RACHEL + DAN-39 copy
RACHEL + DAN-40 copy
RACHEL + DAN-41 copy
RACHEL + DAN-52 copyRACHEL + DAN-48 copy
RACHEL + DAN-49 copy
RACHEL + DAN-50 copy
RACHEL + DAN-51 copy
RACHEL + DAN-53 copy
RACHEL + DAN-54 copy
RACHEL + DAN-55 copy
RACHEL + DAN-56 copy
RACHEL + DAN-57 copy
RACHEL + DAN-58 copy
RACHEL + DAN-59 copy
RACHEL + DAN-60 copy
RACHEL + DAN-61 copy
RACHEL + DAN-62 copy
RACHEL + DAN-63 copyRACHEL + DAN-24 copy
RACHEL + DAN-27 copy
RACHEL + DAN-29 copy
RACHEL + DAN-42 copy
RACHEL + DAN-43 copy
RACHEL + DAN-44 copy
RACHEL + DAN-45 copy
RACHEL + DAN-46 copy
RACHEL + DAN-47 copy
RACHEL + DAN-64 copy
RACHEL + DAN-65 copy
RACHEL + DAN-66 copy
RACHEL + DAN-67 copy
RACHEL + DAN-68 copy
RACHEL + DAN-69 copy
RACHEL + DAN-70 copy
RACHEL + DAN-71 copy
RACHEL + DAN-72 copy
RACHEL + DAN-73 copy
RACHEL + DAN-74 copy
RACHEL + DAN-75 copy
RACHEL + DAN-76 copy
RACHEL + DAN-78 copy
RACHEL + DAN-79 copy
RACHEL + DAN-80 copy
RACHEL + DAN-77 copy
RACHEL + DAN-81 copy
RACHEL + DAN-82 copy
RACHEL + DAN-83 copy
RACHEL + DAN-84 copy
RACHEL + DAN-85 copy
RACHEL + DAN-86 copy
RACHEL + DAN-87 copy
RACHEL + DAN-88 copy
RACHEL + DAN-89 copy
RACHEL + DAN-90 copy
RACHEL + DAN-91 copy
RACHEL + DAN-92 copy
RACHEL + DAN-93 copy
RACHEL + DAN-94 copy
RACHEL + DAN-95 copy
RACHEL + DAN-96 copy
RACHEL + DAN-97 copy
RACHEL + DAN-146 copy
RACHEL + DAN-98 copy
RACHEL + DAN-99 copy
RACHEL + DAN-100 copy
RACHEL + DAN-101 copy
RACHEL + DAN-102 copy
RACHEL + DAN-103 copy
RACHEL + DAN-104 copy
RACHEL + DAN-105 copy
RACHEL + DAN-106 copy
RACHEL + DAN-107 copy
RACHEL + DAN-108 copy
RACHEL + DAN-110 copy
RACHEL + DAN-109 copy
RACHEL + DAN-111 copy
RACHEL + DAN-113 copy
RACHEL + DAN-112 copy
RACHEL + DAN-114 copy
RACHEL + DAN-115 copy
RACHEL + DAN-116 copy
RACHEL + DAN-117 copy
RACHEL + DAN-119 copy
RACHEL + DAN-120 copy
RACHEL + DAN-118 copy
RACHEL + DAN-121 copy
RACHEL + DAN-122 copy
RACHEL + DAN-123 copy
RACHEL + DAN-124 copy
RACHEL + DAN-125 copy
RACHEL + DAN-126 copy
RACHEL + DAN-127 copy
RACHEL + DAN-128 copy
RACHEL + DAN-129 copy
RACHEL + DAN-130 copy
RACHEL + DAN-131 copy
RACHEL + DAN-132 copy
RACHEL + DAN-134 copy
RACHEL + DAN-135 copy
RACHEL + DAN-136 copy
RACHEL + DAN-137 copy
RACHEL + DAN-138 copy
RACHEL + DAN-139 copy
RACHEL + DAN-140 copy
RACHEL + DAN-141 copy
RACHEL + DAN-142 copy
RACHEL + DAN-143 copy
RACHEL + DAN-144 copy
RACHEL + DAN-145 copy
RACHEL + DAN-147 copy
RACHEL + DAN-148 copy